FAQ - General

What is Postquare?

Postquare is a content marketing platform built for MENA that allows advertisers targeted access to thousands of publisher sites while enabling publishers to monetize their content with high quality ads to their users.

The beauty of Postquare's algorithm is in laser targeting and highly engaged users, yielding high click-through rates and great monthly payouts.

What is content discovery?

Content discovery is the distributing of relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience, with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

How does it work?

Easy, we can explain that in 3 simple steps:

For Publishers:

  1. Customize a widget suitable for your website,
  2. Copy the widget's code into your website,
  3. Postquare will show high quality promoted ads in the widget. Sit back and watch your website make money for you!

For Advertisers:

At this stage, you can Contact Us for great content promotion packages.

Why should I use Postquare?

  • Postquare is the only content discovery platform for Arabic content.
  • Our algorithm will drive quality traffic to your article, blog, mobile-optimized or video content.
  • Reach a new Arabic speaking audience at scale.
  • Get exposure on thousands of Arabic publisher sites.
  • Pay only for the traffic you get with our flexible, cost-per-click model.

Who uses Postquare?

Postquare is for anyone with interesting, high-quality Arabic content that can be shared with a large, highly engaged audience whether you’re a big or small online magazine, online news agency, e-commerce website or other service provider. People use Postquare for a variety of goals, including driving high-quality traffic to their sites, building audience exposure, increasing page-views, driving new sales leads and increasing conversions.

Is Postquare safe for websites? Is it secured?

Postquare is very secure, with web security standards adoption, secured network architecture, and security at the code level. At the functionality level, Postquare keeps the users’ account security always in mind and enforces unique user names, provides strong password validation, backend password encryption, user role authorizations, and more. Postquare keeps account compartmentalization so that no mutual resources are shared.

Postquare adopts web security standards by running our administration portal with secured connections using an SSL certificate licensed by an authoritative SSL certificates provider. Moreover, the web application encapsulates and hides the internal application structure from web users.

With respect to network architecture, Postquare’s service is hosted in Microsoft Azure’s cloud with a fallback Amazon’s AWS hosted site. We also keep our private cloud hosted in Amsterdam, which is also able to run several flows to provide a scalable solution. All our different sites communicate through an encrypted VPN connection. All internal system services and servers are scalable and will grow to keep our service level at high quality. As we are running in Microsoft Azure’s cloud (as well as Amazon’s) we provide all inherited security measures. For further details about Microsoft Azure, Click Here.

FAQ - Advertisers

How much does it cost?

The beauty of Postquare is that it's your content that dictates your results and not the size of your budget! The minimum daily budget you need to create a campaign on Postquare is $50 per day. The number of clicks your content receives dictates how much you end up spending. Contact Us for more information.

How do I control how much I spend on each campaign?

You set your daily budget (as low as $50/day) and pay only for the clicks you get with our flexible, cost per click (CPC) model. We will keep recommending your content until you have used up your daily budget.

The higher the CTR, the more we will recommend your content, both reflecting and amplifying the interest it generates for audiences!

How do I create successful campaigns?

Campaign performance can be affected by a number of factors, but following some simple guidelines can significantly ramp up your ability to reach your audience and increase your CTR.

  • Headlines
    • Be brief. Content belongs on your page, not in your headline. Headlines that only contain a few words often perform better than more elaborate ones. The best-performing headlines have no more than 60 characters.
    • Be informative. Phrase your headlines as questions or as “how to” statements. Persuade the reader that your content is informative or helpful.
    • Be honest. Misleading your readers about your content just to increase clicks not only wastes your money; it damages your brand’s integrity. Honestly promoting your content ensures that you reach your intended audience and encourages return visits.
  • Images
    • Use photos. Photos of people or products are more engaging than graphics or diagrams.
    • Customize them. An image that looks great splashed across the top of your article might not be very clear as a small square in a widget. Pick simple, sharp images that look great even when only 80-100 pixels wide.
    • Make them big! To reach the widest possible audience, use the largest images allowed. This ensures that your content is compatible with every available ad placement, including the ones that draw the most attention to your content.

What kind of content can I promote on Postquare?

Any kind of content! Postquare can be used to distribute your own content along with 3rd-party articles about you or your product. We accept content on a case-by-case basis, but cover nearly every vertical from technology, fashion, business, politics, literature, science, and so on.

What content Postquare do accept and what is not accepted?

Here is the list of content categories we DO NOT accept:
  • Adult
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Gambling
  • Malware
  • Online pharmacies
  • Weapons & Explosives

We also strictly prohibit content that:

  • Features pornographic language or imagery
  • Promotes hate, violence or discrimination
  • Defames an individual, organization, or group of people
  • Facilitates participation in illegal activity
  • Promotes businesses that appear to be generally deceptive or misleading
  • Contains adware, malware, spyware, virus, Trojan horses or other features designed to infiltrate or damage computer systems or access personally identifiable user information without explicit user consent
  • Promotes non-government approved pharmaceuticals and supplements
  • Is intended to frighten or alarm the reader with information geared toward persuading the reader to take a specific action

How do you know where to recommend my content?

Our system automatically takes in the title and the body of the article to determine what it’s about so we can recommend it on relevant pages. However, contextual relevancy is only one part of a much larger set of algorithms. Our data has shown us that the best way to deeply engage audiences is to find content that is interesting to them even if not necessarily related to the page they are on. We also use data points like popularity of an article, reader behavior and audience engagement to determine where to recommend each piece of content.

How do I learn more about running a campaign on Postquare?

To learn more, please drop us a line here and we will be happy to answer in detail any questions.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my campaigns?

At this stage, we only accept Paypal payment and bank deposit, but we will launch credit card payment system soon, so stay tuned.

When do I pay?

Payments are made before the start of your campaign.

FAQ - Publisher

Is it 100% Brand Safe?

Yes, we monitor and manually approve ads which will show on your website. So don't worry: they are all safe and meet your standards. There will be no ads containing nudity or obscene language, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, malware…etc. Your readers' safety is our priority.

How do I get approved?

Once you apply to Postquare publishers' program, we will review your application within 24 working hours. If your website meets our standards, it will be approved and you can start making money.

How can I maximize user interaction with my widget?

Widget performance can be impacted by a number of factors, such as its location on your site, your user base, and how your widget is presented visually. Following the guidelines below will help your widget achieve its best performance:
  • Keep styles compact and images large. A widget with less whitespace tends to catch the user’s eye and allow you to maximize the image size.
  • Don’t cut off headlines. Keep them complete.
  • More isn’t always better. We suggest 4-8 units for most widgets.
  • Place your widget in a highly visible location. The best place for the widget is usually directly beneath your page’s main content.
  • Give it time. We recommend letting your widget run on your site for at least a week before evaluating how it performs for you.

I made a lot of money on sponsored content yesterday, but not today, and I haven’t changed anything. What is the reason?

The Posquare widget generates revenue by displaying a variety of offerings. Some generate small payouts consistently and others generate large payouts but less often. As a result, publishers may notice that their revenue varies on a daily basis, especially when placing a widget on a site for the first time.

Over time, Postquare will learn which content the site’s audience engages with, and optimize accordingly. But for many publishers, we recommend analyzing widget performance on a weekly basis rather than daily in order to gain a more accurate perspective on how the widget is monetizing for them.

How can the Postquare widget generate revenue for me?

Postquare widgets can be set up to display varying amounts of sponsored content from 3rd party websites. When this option is selected you make 70% of the revenue generated from sending quality visitors to these sites. Over time, Postquare will learn to optimize, showing sponsored content that performs best for you.

How and when will I get paid?

Payments are made once per month on net 60 terms, provided that you have earned at least $50 in unpaid revenue. Payment for revenue earned in March, for example, will be sent out at the end of April. Accumulated earnings of under $50 will be paid every 6 months. You can request your payments via PayPal at this stage only.

Will the widget slow down my site?

No. The Postquare widget is designed to load “asynchronously”. This means your page will load independently of the widget script.